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Harborough Theatre stands in Church Square, adjacent to the magnificent parish church, Saint Dionysius, and the Old Grammar School – one of only a few remaining ancient buildings standing on massive legs. There have been buildings on the theatre site for centuries, including The Green Dragon, an old inn with a dodgy reputation and, allegedly, the ghost of a murdered patron, which still haunts the theatre.

It is appropriate that this building is the home of make-believe. Although it looks like an old merchant’s house from the Elizabethan period, with stone walls, mullioned windows, leaded lights and stout oak doors, it was, in fact, only constructed in 1935 as a cycle-shed and store for the local corset factory! The Managing Director’s office looked out into Church Square, he insisted that the building be designed to resemble an old town-house to disguise its rather mundane purpose and to provide an attractive frontage in this pleasant square. An early example of “heritage architecture”. MHDS has been presenting plays here since its early days, hiring the first-floor hall as a performing space. Later, a lease was arranged to make it the regular home for the Society.

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